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Main » 2012 » July » 30 » SimGuruMegan Reveals More Supernatural Info
7:47 AM
SimGuruMegan Reveals More Supernatural Info
No, you can’t make mummies or SimBots in CAS. We tried, but it caused a lot of problems.

The fortune teller goes to the traveller’s caravan to work. He can also tell Sim’s fortunes around town.

There will be some zombies that spawn during a full moon. If you want more, though, you can always make them with elixirs!

That’s a new makeup option that you can choose for your Sims. It’s meant to look like veins.

All children will go to the same school. The witch children are just trying to fit in!

Yes, if you have Showtime and Supernatural, you’ll be able to create genies directly from CAS!

You can create vampires in Supernatural no matter what. No need to have Late Night.

The fortune teller will go to the Traveler’s Caravan lot to do most of their job.

Yes, the Traveller’s Caravan is a rabbithole. It’s more like the medical career. It’s not a career like in Ambitions.

You can set the moon to always be one phases (i.e. waxing gibbous or new moon) and then you’ll never have a full moon

No live venues by default in MF, but if you place stage+proprietor in the werewolf bars, they’ll act as live venues!

Supernatural babies will look like their parents. Fairy babies will have wings. Werewolf babies will have eyes that glow
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