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Main » 2012 » September » 18 » Sims 3 Seasons Screens and Info
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Sims 3 Seasons Screens and Info

During the autumn, the festival will be haunted house in which Sims can take part in the strange, supernatural events. You can not see the inside of this place, but it provides a lot of fun. Sims, which does not lack courage, can there piknikować, but also run the risk of sickness or accident of the bladder. Unlucky (or lucky, depending on your point of view) Sims can get a bonus, “Cursed (a) by a witch,” which temporarily turn them in mind when they leave the house of horrors...

Pumpkins are a new crop in The Sims ™ 3 The Four Seasons. They are available at the grocery store or your Sim can sow pumpkin seeds and grow them yourself. Once you have the equipment pumpkins, you can do them good, homemade pumpkin pies. But not every Sim will immediately know how to prepare them. This festive delicacy Sims can cook just about cooking skills at the level of the fifth or higher.

You’ll notice that there are more rains fall, and the trees begin to look different. During this time of year leaves of deciduous trees change color. Some of the leaves turn red, orange or yellow, depending on their nature. Over time, leaves will fall from the branches, which are becoming increasingly bare. Finally, with the arrival of winter, the trees last fall leaves.
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