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Main » 2012 » July » 26 » The Sims 3 Supernatural: New Information by SimGuruMegan
7:55 PM
The Sims 3 Supernatural: New Information by SimGuruMegan
No, zombies can’t be created in CAS, but they can be created a number of other ways!

Yes, of course there will be new challenges with Supernatural! (Achievements)

The Moondial shows you the phase of the moon and also tells your horoscope.

During a full moon, zombies “just appear”.

There are so many elixirs! Last time I counted, I think there were 40 (ish).

If the moon is set to never be a full moon, then Zombies will never appear. Otherwise, you can cure them or shoot them w/ the peashooter!

You can choose how muscular and what skin color your werewolf is.

You’ll have to have Showtime to create genies from CAS.

There are elixirs that will turn Sims into any of the occult types

There are elixirs that will help Sims learn skills more quickly!

Creating Supernaturals in CAS is exclusive to the Supernatural Expansion pack.

Toddler werewolves will not transform, but children werewolves will

Alchemy is teen and up. Too dangerous for children!

You can only be one supernatural at a time, but you can change back and forth with elixirs!

Yes, you can only bite people when you are in your werewolf form.

There are supernatural skeptics who don’t like magic or anything supernatural

Werewolves cannot hunt or eat minor pets, but werewolves will be able to growl at cats and dogs!

No, the zombies will come to the Peashooter, so the Peashooter doesn’t need to turn.
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